Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Adam asks what our favorite food is. That is funny, my wife asked me that same question earlier this week, my answer, well I couldn't answer. SHe said she had lots of favorites, I asked her how can they be favorites if you have so many? I am, have become or maybe always have been the type of person who views food as utilitarian, I eat what I need. I do have a sweet tooth. I have a very bad Hot Tamale habit.

Breakfast, usually a Breakfast bar of some sort and some fruit type of thing and lots of coffee.
Lunch - a creature of habit am I. Chick Fila, Indian Buffet, Mexican, NYC Pizza, Burger, Salads
Dinner - Baked Fish, Baked Chicken, with rice or pasta or potatoes, and Salad or Green Beans or Broccoli or asparagas.

Now race carb loading is different. 800 grams of carbs for 2 days before a big race, 1 day for not so big, same after the race. That many carbs means I just eat anything I can. Rice, Mac and Cheese, Yogurt smoothies, apple sauce , pasta and sauce. Rice Crispie treats, and more of the same. Pre race meal is waffles or pcakes and yogurt smoothe and a cliff bar.

I really like food in general and it looks as if lunch is my most dangerous meal, hmmm, maybe i should look into that. Not worried about my weight, just my fuel. I also believe that america's meat portions are way too big, so I split a chicken breast into 2 servings. Read the servings is my advice. My coach told me 3 years ago that after reading Clinical Sports Nutrition that I would read every label, I do, not that I always choose the right stuff, but at least I know what is in it.

The book is 700 pages long and very heavy in technical terms and expensive, but it was very informational.

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