Monday, November 14, 2005

2006 starts

So not liking to wait for my pre-ordained start of season, which is next week, I worked out to one of my sisters DVD's tonight, Pilates for Fitness, well it kicked my butt, thank god it was 10 minutes shorter than the stated 50 minutes. Check out her website for some of her work, she will kick you into shape, regular like.

The winter is here, drat, i really wanted to race CX in the snow, but i stopped 3 weeks ago, this weekend at the RMR could be it. There were a significant nuber of Sand baggers at the CX race this past weekend. State Championship C Flite (first timers and novice racers) was won by an expert class mountainbiker, nice, way to win that one. sheesh.

My better half and i may head down to Saint George for the turkey holiday.

2006 sponsorship season is on, trying to get team sponsors to line up is definatley not very easy, but educational. The team will have a new bike sponsor for 2006, i am going to miss the lefty, but that is life.

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