Monday, November 28, 2005

Kuala Lumpur?

So on Map Stats I got traffic from
Kuala Lumpur, I'm thinking that one is not for real, the refering url is a bit racey.
Venezuela, but the profile is from Indiana - This could be real, my sisters man is from Venezuela. I hear they are amassing a formidable armed force down there.
Tulsa - Um this one looks fishy, but i don't speak that language.
City of Industry California - proven-acne-treatmentsno, I think this may be a problem
Las Wages - This came from Adam's site, so i think it is Ok.

Being a Geek by nature and thinking of life in terms of patterns and equations and 1's and 0's I am loving this tracking stuff like Mapstats and Technocrati, I am sure it has just opened me up to the Blog world equivalent of Tele-Marketing, but still, it is cool.

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