Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Turkey flavored soda?

So after lunch at Chik-fil-a today (cause it makes me faster), went to target with JV, while waiting for him to get his chili fixins, I noticed the Jones Soda holiday pack that include turkey and gravy flavored soda, wait it also has Brussels Sprout with Prosciutto and other tantilizing flavors. I think i'll stick with soda water this thanksgiving, maybe with a little essence of lemon.

Adam Lisonbee claims on his site that I am fast, well that is nice, I would say that I am obsessive compulsive, but thanks for the kudos.

My body is sore from the previosly mentioned Pilates, I think I like it. I would also agree with Adam on the feeling I get in the gym, boy oh boy am I a skinny little fool, then they see the amount of weight I put on the leg press machine, and they walk away. I think they look like big V's.

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