Thursday, November 17, 2005

What exactly is the Off season and other musings

So, met with the coach tonight, I am always amazed at what he knows.

1. About me
2. About Training
3. About Racing
4. About me

Next year has some new training in store for me, the hope is to make me faster. The local series has 14 races next year. 2 Norbas in Utah and Nationals in July. All of this togethe rbodes well for my training, peaking and results. 2005 started with a 3 race weekend in vegas in late February, throw in 2 single day road races, 1 road stage race a few hill climbs and numerous MTB races, Including the Brian Head Titanim 50 (Saw Adam there after his 100 on the day, I'm sure, he would prefer to forget) close it out with 6 Psycho-Cross Races, well that is a long season with no focus. Next year there will be focus. Some day I will venture back into the endurance world, but for now i am tackling the around 2 hour race world.

So, back to the coach, i was worried my extreme inactvity would bring frowns from him, well, no it actually made him happy. I was supposed to get 20 hours of activity in November, i have got around 5 so far. Rest is good. So Monday back to the gym to show off the remnants of my biker tan and my Urkel like upper body.

Still debating a Saint George T Day MTB adventure. We will see.

O yeah, can a local MTB Team successfully have 2 bike sponsors? Any opinions, Thoughts etc....

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