Monday, November 28, 2005

What Would EPO do for me

I mean really, If i was 2% faster i may come in 3rd place not 4th. Brad P and Ty H and I ate some good mexican for lunch today and discussed this and other related items. Ty has gone so far in his 2006 planning to calculate mileage to each race and averaged the gas cost. Well i plan on racing a lot and filling the tank up when i need to, guess that is why I'll never be rich, but hey, you can't take it with you. Went to the gym again last night, it was empty, that was nice. Lyna and I ripped through our workout.

Lyna finally got her Thesis Defense date set. 12/12/05, that means the journey is over. SHe will be able to become my sugar momma now, well not really, but getting her Masters is a great accomplishment.

Anyone interested in a used but Pristine Scott Scale or Scott CR1 Team Issue. I would love to have both, but don't have the spare cash. I know the person selling them. He was a competitor in the Red Bull Road Rage, so it for sure is not me, because on the road, I descend like a feather.

So here is my tentative Schedule for 2006 -

Intermountaincup Desert Rampage
Intermountaincup Cholla Challenge
Intermountaincup 5 Mile Pass
Intermountaincup Lava Rama
Intermountaincup Hammerfest
Intermountaincup Point Blank
Intermountaincup Sundance
Intermountaincup Deer Valley
Intermountaincup Joy Ride
Intermountaincup Solitude
Intermountaincup Snowbird
Intermountaincup Border Town
Intermountaincup Wolverine Ridge
Norba Deer Valley
National Championships – Mammoth
Norba Brian Head

And Possibly
E100 12 hour
24 hours of Soldier Hollow
24 Hours of Moab on a ringer Expert Team or Coed Pro-AM

Road Races
Hell of the North – Utah Style
Tour of Saint George
Tour of Utah – 2 Mountain Top Finishes oh Joy!

And maybe a full CX season.

Thats only 21 races before cross, well I may have to not do the E100 race and the 24 hours of Soldier Hollow.

Found out today that the Tour of the Canyonlands is no longer, what a shame, a long running race in a beautiful atomosphere. 2004 led to the demise, a death during a race is horrible. I was not in that race but will always remember it. Sam Ben Hall was killed when he collided with a SUV on the Kane Creek road on the way to Hurrah Pass. A Salt Lake rider was injured pretty badly in the same incident. This hit me hard because the last race I did, The Nova Desert Classic, I was neck and neck with Sam in the TT and in the XC before I did my shoulder separating OTB. That could of been me. I remember being on the Amasa Back descent with Chris Sherwin, waiting to cheer friends on when we heard the ambulance, little did I know that a life was lost. Wow, that is a bummer, wasn't expecting to go there, Remember life is short. Live well and be good to everyone you encounter.

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