Saturday, November 19, 2005

How I started Riding/Racing

Hmm, Adams post has me thinking back how it all started.

1991 - I have several friends that 'work' at All Terrain Mtb Parts. A Mail order bike company in Lexington, Ky. I have a rigid blue giant iguana. The convince me to go riding at General Butler State Park on the trails. About a mile in I snap my headset. I upgrade almost immediatley to a Myata pur[le aluminum wonder and slap a Marzocchi XC 300 (Purple Ano) on it, and ride once a week at the Caney Loop at Cave Run Lake, Endo about every 1/4 mile - a theme that will continue for some time in my career. I then upgrade to the 1992 bike of the year a KHS Team Montana, steel is real. I still have it, pink and blue, grey ano's cook brs cranks, gold ano's answer bar, purple answer atac stem, purple ringle skewers and seat post. I ride it every weekend till i get into grad school. In 98 move to Utah. End of summer 99 was first trail ride in the state. Start at teh Avenues trail head of the shoreline, ride down dry creek and back. Hooked. Every day after work i rode that trail or dog lake or the pipeline, until it snowed, still on the KHS. In 2000, early in the year i rode past the gate in Mill Creek and up to dog lake, on the way down the pavement, the bike was making all types of noise and it was decided that Ii needed to replace the 8 year old steed. I ended up with an brand new Rocky Mtn Blizzard that afternoon. I was really hooked. Got the wife a Rocky Mountain Element that year. We rode all the time with a small group of friends, Sundays were rolling you pick the trail rides, we rode pretty much everything in Northern Utah that summer. Carried huge camelbacks for short rides, hung out laughed, cried a little and enjoyed life.

Coming up to October 2000 my friend Scott uttered these fateful words 'Hey Bob, you are kind of fast, you should come do the 24 hours of Moab with us"

My life has never been the same. more later....

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