Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Countdown to racing

Yesterday consisted on flying from Louisville to Chicago to Phoenix, then a nice 45 minute delay and finally made it back to SLC. Went to dinner and then came home and crashed, The trip home was short, but nice. The whole family together to celebrate dad's 70th. We hung out with one of our Groomsmen on Sunday in Louisville, was good to see him. While at the 'rents house I reminisced on the roots of this bike racing addiction.

Monday before dinner we drove by our old houses, There is Heatherway, the driveway that i rode my schwinn out of and barely missed getting smooshed by a station wagon, the same driveway I rolled down on a big wheel went OTB and recieved the scar on my forhead. Then we went to Carol Lane to see the house, where at 3.5 years old I told Dad to remove those darn training wheels, I only need 2 wheels to roll, my sister in a moment of jealous zealousness did the same and promptly ate shit and broke her leg, she still don't like bikes.

The the best moment of the visit, while the sister and Lyna were redecorating the halfway finished basement at the parents house i found the book that probably planted the seed.

It is an old 'I can read it all by myself book'

the first page starts like so....

My brother, Bob, is a bike racer.
I like to watch him ride.
He wins many races.
I wish I could race to.


Lyna is staying in Kentucky through the weekend to hang out with her brother, sister in law and nephew and nieces. She will miss the first race, I might wish I was there with her afterwards.


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