Monday, March 06, 2006

Desert Rampage

Well, i had no expectations and it is a good thing, all i wanted to do is have a good workout and finish, I did that. Man that 3rd lap took forever. Lack of speed work makes a difference, really. This race last year came a week after a 3 race weekend in Vegas, so i had some pep in my legs, this year, nothing. I had pep the first lap.

The rest of the weekend was fun, Sunday did the Goulds/Jem/Hurricane rim root with Ty, Shannon and Jen. Played designated driver for the Red Rock boys Saturday night.

Adam's teammate did tear it up in my category. Shannon and Ty took 3rd and 4th in the Pro field. Jen to 3rd in Pro Women.

Team Revolution took a big lead in the points series, I know Adam's team will have more people at the coming races.

1 month to the next race. may have more sustainable power by then, may not, either way, it'll be fun.

Next week in Boston, this weeks many hours on the bike, yeehaw.

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