Monday, March 20, 2006

New bikes and stuff

Ordered one of these today, why not have a hardtail?

The lefty makes me happy, it was the only thing that swayed the choice from the Yeti Arc, well that and the desire NOT to have a sea foam colered bike.

I updated the 5200 with a Ultegra 10 group and new wheels. It doesn't make funny noises anymore. The old bottom bracket has a layer of Briny sand on it, hmmmm, i call it resistance training.

The wife is testing out one of these today, now that is one good looking bike. I really like that is called the Eros Donna, ummmm sexy. I swear, that is the name of the bike.

It is still winter in Salt Lake, snowed all weekend, got in a 3 hour trainer ride Sunday and 2 hours outdoors Saturday. Hope to get some more hours this week. 12 days to the next installment of pain in Southern Utah. The Cholla Challenge, not many hills, lots o wind, oh good times, good times.

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