Saturday, March 11, 2006

Base Miles

Rode a few hours outside today, rocked the double Chamois and knee warmers, Rode te Cannondal Cross bike with slicks as the 5200 is making funny noises. Rode up to the Avenues and then proceeded to go back and forth, east to west west to east climbing one block for every 10 flat, that is a good way to keep the HR down, that and the XTR Cassette on the Cross bike.

Tomorrow I'll either do a 4 hour ride or go snowboarding, I'll decide in the a.m. Monday evening I'll be in Boston, back Friday early, keeping my eye on St. George weather, Lyna and I may head down for some long rides if it looks good, if not, well trainer here I come.

Jem trail Switch-Back, me and Jen Hanks, day after the Desert Rampage

Rockin the White Man's Overbite, somewhere on the Hurricane Rim

Desert Rampage 1st lap snarling up the rock wash, arrgggh, I'm a pirate.....

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