Thursday, March 23, 2006

Spring, Yippeee, Spring, Yippee

News flash: Any day Duke goes down is a good day.

So I got a nice ride in today after work, arm warmers, knee warmers and vest, and it was warm enough, at times too warm, I'm giddy like a school boy. For teh last couple of years the first comfortable climb up and descent down Emigration Canyon is a watershed moment for me. I love that ride.

Nice gradual climb, I think it averages around 3%. As the spring gets warmer I get to make it longer by adding this little gem to it. (Big Mountain)

Add in the 5 miles to the mouth of Emigration and the mile in between the two climbs round trip makes a great after work ride/workout. I think the average grade on the Big Mountain climb is like 5-6%, good times. It is best before they open the gate, less rice rockets and Gas Hogging/5th wheel pulling death machines on the road. There is also a nice mtb trail that goes up and over big mountain, hooks up with a dirt road that takes you to Jeremy Ranch, which then takes you to Park City, you can imagine the ride possibilities. Nice epic from my front door, up emigration, up and over big mtn, across to jeremy ranch, do the stealth trail, glenwild loop, over to the canyons and the mid-mtn trail, to Spiro, upt to the crest, down mill creek to the pipeline then home, of course there is up to 300 inches of snow on parts of that system right now, but i can dream right?

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