Tuesday, March 28, 2006

April, I mean March showers, ah crap, lets move to Phoenix

So got a nice dirt ride in on Monday, Zoo to Dry Creek, looks like a few people got impatient and rutted out parts of the trail, only 1 spot was unrideable, that is until todays Monsoon. At least we won't have any early spring fires in the mountains, but damn, this is getting old.

My Maxxis rubber showed up, New tires for the old bike that match the tires coming on the new bike, as well as some sweet orange road tires to match the Uniforms. How in the world did they manage to back order water bottles, I don't think they realize that i have a water bottle problem.

My digital camera is acting up, therein lies the reason I have had no pics to post, so today I link.

Penn and Teller are awesome, if you have 15 minutes to waste, go here.

On a somber note, as recounted on Adam's blog, another rider is down in Utah, this is another sad story and reminds all to be careful out there and reminds us that life is precious and short, remember to enjoy it, tell those around you you love them and live to the fullest extent possible.


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