Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Anonymous is back....

Who is the nemesis???

Either way, they are calling me out to upgrade, ummm, I almost came in last in my last Expert race, so, um, no. However, if the season goes well, we will see about semi-pro.

Speaking of Anonymous, check out the March issue of PROCYCLING, nice picture of Tom Danielson working the 45 degree leg press, but of course he would probably do better doing some other sort of excercise.

The wife got the Bianchi Sexy Girl (very loose translation of Eros Donna) yesterday, took it on it's inaugural ride, good times.

Twitchy, agressive, sounds like a kid with ADD, not a bike, wheres the ritalin? I think i will try EPO though, I mean it would make me 2% faster, how could it hurt?

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