Monday, April 03, 2006

Fun weekend and a race in the middle

Friday we woke up early and headed south to Hurricane. Got there a bit after 1 and got on course at a bit before 2. Rode nice and easy with Ty and Lyna. Just as we got off the course the rain came. Saw Adam after the ride and Bart before. Went to the Travelodge to shower and headed to St. George to register and eat. The race cos 45 bucks for amateurs, 36 for 9 and under, all because it was part of the Cactus Hugger Festival. I can tell you, I got gipped. So did many others. That is way too much money. They said it was due to guided rides, which were cancelled and the meal Saturday, which I did not partake in.

Race day, feeling good, relaxed and ready. get a good 50 minute warmup, ready to go. They start us with the Expet 19-29 and the 2 pro women. The start loop is pretty tight and people are antsy, so i stay at the back, we then paceline the first 1/4 of a lap, witness Adam's OTB and aftermath, later in the first lap after thing broke up a bit most of the expert group takes a shortcut (2.5 miles off the real course) I head the right direction with Newby and Tyler, I'm thinking at thos point that I could be winning, due to poor course markings, but hey it all counts right? SO I put the hammer down, which became a problem later, I pulled Newby and Tyler for the rest of the lap and then started to lose it. Made it through the second lap and 1/4 of the 3rd when the mind body and spirit turned the Scalpel around for a DNF. Just did not think it would be a good idea to go on. Ty ended up in 4th in Pro, Lyna, in her return to racing after 2 years, took 6th in sport women. Oh yeah, Chris H (Adams Teammate) and Brad P (my teammate) took the right way on th course and came in 1 and 2, Newby was third. So I was not too far off in my thinking.

Sunday led us to Gooseberry Mesa for some fun riding. It had been about 4 years since I last rode there. Vegas Brad, Drew and Lucy and I planned on meeting at the dirt road at 9:30. Morgan Harris one of the twins that designed and built the trail met us as well for a few hours of fun ups and downs on the south rim/hidden canyon/north rim circuit. Morgan is 60, rides an upgraded superV and is amazing in his abilities and outlook. Ran into the Red rock boys at Little Creek Station and Burger joint. They rode with Cimarron and Bryce the other 2 southern Utah trail creators/saviours, who happened to have recently moved to Tuscon. We all need to be grateful for these pioneers/advocates. The make all the great trails possible for us.

I rode every thing the big travel boys did, on my scalpel even, my first time there, on a hardtail, I walked everything, boy how things changed. Lyna rocked it on her first trip, making many moves I didn't 4 years ago on her first attempt.

The Sunday ride reminded me why I like riding, with friends, at a leisurely pace, having fun and laughing.

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