Thursday, April 20, 2006

Hill Climb

EveryThursday at 6pm a group meets at an undisclosed location, makes a short warm up tot the mouth of an undisclosed canyon and the race is on. I am glad I did it this week and not last, cause last week this guy was there. So this week there are about 10 of us a bunch of Contender guys, BZ and me. About 2.5 miles up said canyon, 6 of us are still together, it's my turn to pull. I get 1 minute in, my heart rate is at 190 and the other 5 blow past me, I end up passing one of the guys a mile later and almost catch BZ after he popped, he attacked me 2 or 3 times o keep me off, felt good sustaining power and effort for more than 10 minutes.

Saw the coach on the way up, i probably have some explaining to do, as it was not in the plan.

Bed time.

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