Monday, April 17, 2006

We speak way too soon

So Saturday and Sunday Lyna and I hit the Shoreline loop, about 21 miles round trip from our front door. Dry creek was still, not dry. The temps were close to 70 and I got a nice burn on the arms. Sunday A.M. we went to Brunch with C-dog and her Mom, later in the afternoon we had Easter dinner at Nathan and Cami's. It was a nice weekend.

Jill in Alaska, these pics are for you, today there as up to 6 inches of fresh snow on the benches, Spring was here.
One of the lower 'Dry' Creek Crossings

Lyna Hiking it one of the larger crossings

Look how dry the trail actually is

Looking up in them thar hills, I think that is known as Black Mountain, I hiled up there once, why would I hike, when I can Bike?

Lyna looking down Lime Kiln Gulch to the Avenues and Salt Lake City

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