Thursday, April 27, 2006

Baggy Shorts and Road bikes, sweet

Recovery ride with Lyna up City Creek canyon, if you want to view the oddities on bikes, this is yer place. The hand is kind of sore after yesterdays car door encounter, but no swelling.

9:30 Saturday AM at 17th south 4th east for a 5 hour tour of sumthin, maybe up and over suncrest around the UC for a bit and bak, I'm going easy the whole time.

Rumor has it Foxy is makin a come back, claims to be racing with us in the pain cave of 30 somethin expert, careful with that, them boys have just gotten faster, and in our late 30's there ain't no reason to upgrade. I remember a foxy paraphrase in 2003 in Sandpoint ID. "I was off the front not even close to maxed and they were all suffering trying to catch back on." This was after he won the STXC. fast bastard, it will be good to have ya back.

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