Sunday, March 22, 2009

Weekend of dry dirt and wind

I made it home from NYC a bit before midnight Thursday night, worked Friday and then got a nice 2 hour shoreline loop in. Legs felt fine and the cold was gone and the elevation change had no effect.

Friday night watched the series finale of BSG, good stuff.

Saturday met up with Shannon, Jen, E-Pow, Kathy and Brian for 3- 4 hours of dirt action. We all agreed we were going easy, yeah right.... We saw Train and Rachel above Research Park, Cavey above the U, ran into BZ on Big Bertha, he turned around and joined us . Saw Superfly and Rhonda above Bobsled. We climbed up above ensign peak then dropped down to Bountiful, realizing that we then had to climb back, into the head wind, BZ bailed and went home. The DH into City creek was a blast, I then bailed onto home for a nice even 3 hour ride, while the rest climbed back towards the zoo.

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Sunday woke up and decided to hit the shoreline again before the storm, I almost got blown over several times in the cross wind, but made it home after 2 hours in one piece.

A few days of moisture and the trail will be ready come Saturday to put the Zaskar on dirt.

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