Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Dis whether, she maka me no happie

Well at least it should be sunny and warm all weekend in hurricane for the race and ridin.

Did 3 minute intervals up emigration today, got a rear flat on the roadie after the first, made the final 2 lessons in low motivation, at least the first one was good,

I keep trying to do intervals up emi, I keep remembering why I don't after the first try, too many flat and downhills on the way up makes it hard to keep the power up. Mill Creek is next.

Dr. X and Cavey (holy crap he actually updated his site) are bailing on the MTB race so they can race in circles, at least it should be entertaining, cold and wet this year.

Daren  and Rico (cause he is afraid to get cold) are at least trying to make it to the MTB race.

Kathy had a good race at the Pro XCT opener. She will be drinking the blood of her rivals within a month, guaranteed, I'm calling a Sea Otter podium for sure.

Everyone, repeat after me


Thank You.


primetime formerly known as slyfox said...

crits are gay

Daren said...

Not looking so good for me to make it down South. Enjoy the warm. Maybe I'll do hell of the north if it's muddy enough for cross tires.

UtRider said...

The skiing on Saturday is going to be awesome!

Team Rico said...

I think skiing is stupid or maybe I just dont have the cash flow to make it happen. I am heading south to hang out with y'all. No crits for me....yet

drrna said...

Wah. All the dirt boys are afraid of crits, so they do intervals instead. That sounds like fun. Except for Fox, he trains on the scooter.

Ski Bike Junkie said...

Sounds like the bitter rant of someone who doesn't ski nearly enough. Or do you snowboard? Either way, last I checked Bart wasn't complaining about the weather, and his fitness seems to be OK.

StupidBike said...

Bart is in Vegas.

primetime formerly known as slyfox said...

my throttle hand needs a recovery week

Art said...

spending 9 hours in a car to race for 2 when I can ride my bike to and from a race, is stupid and possibly gay

primetime formerly known as slyfox said...

thats why people that dont have a lame job and work for the man leave thursday and make it a 4 day weekend. riding trails and in warmer weather than riding in circles for 1 hour, riding in cold slush or wind on the way out said gayfest on the same course for 15 yrs in row. oh but i forgot im talking to half glass empty atrain mr. complainer

JZ said...

You should really say "crits are stupid (or gay) if you don't like crits like me."

Having done crits for years I actually think they are pretty fun and are a great workout. Of course I have never been involved in a good pileup at a crit either (knock on wood), which may change my opinion. Lately I would rather ride my mountain bike, but may hit a few crits this year to test my legs and luck.

Hats off to anyone doing Hell of the North this year. Should be perfectly nasty and fun in a miserable suffering sort of way that all good bike races are.

JZ said...

Oh yeah, all crit racers should read this:


Knowing where you stand is important.