Friday, March 20, 2009

Not so much...

Training this week, got a lot of walking and 30 minutes on a hotel stationary bike, not so bad coming off a cold though, should make up for it the next 3 days.

All my GT stuff is showing up, the canopy showed up earlier this week, my team kit and swag shows up today and the bike is on its way too.

I will likely have a bunch of bike parts and a Scalpel up for sale soon. I am going to start a For Sale blog.

Below is the view of the Empire state building from my hotel room. Crappy camera phone.


Blackdog said...

I am a bit dissappointed by your description of NYC cross training. I had visions of you sprinting for your life through Central park while being chased by a gang of purse swinging tranny's.

Aaron said...

Congrats on the GT sponsorship. I wish I were in the market for a bike. I love the Superfly, but I don't know that anything is faster than a pimped out Scalpel (other than a GT provided by a sponsor, of course)