Monday, March 09, 2009

Real Rampage

So, great weekend for riding, racing and relaxing. Ty and I headed down Friday morning, beat all the bad weather, checked in the COndo and then went out for a Pre-Ride. We had a huge group, we waited a few times. On the bottom of the first DH Ty and I decided to go too fast, right before the las descent into the wash climb I sliced my rear tire. Thinking that the course was not the best choice for my first attempt at running non tubeless, tubeless. Got a tube in and finished up the lap. GL and I called Keating to bring me a UST down. The front tire was sweet, Continental Protection Series Speed King. I need the rear to be UST though.

Race day, had waffles, but not with chocolate milk, big mistake.

My race started well, a lot less dicey than 2008. I settled into the top 10. Above the first wash, BK mashed on by me. Soon after so did Karl. The throttle, Tim W. and Dave (Red Rock owner) and I battled it out in close proximity for the rest of the first 2 laps. A little bit into lap 3, I heard my legs say NO MORE TODAY. So I just kept pushing, barely. Dr. X, Sam, Rich and a few others blew by me, as did several of the 30-39 riders I had passed in lap 2. I'm just glad I held Fitty Watt off.

I limped in for 12th. I did not hydrate enough, but really, the result and 3rd lap blow up are right where I need to be.

Fred and Karl were looking to have spectacular results before mechanicals took them out of contention.

Sunday we had a mass of Revolution riders and Kuhl riders on the Goulds/Jem/Hurricane rim loop. I rocked the long sleeve Masher Thermal Jersey, to pay Homage to BK's 1st place Utah Rider in expert 40+. Dave Cole and Matt Bradley even joined us. It was an awesome ride. Wedge and I then traveled back to SL County to prepare for work and snow, booooo.

So official announcements are expected this week, but a bit of a teaser preview for Bobby Fresh's big news for 2009.
Most of ya knew it already though.


Rick Sunderlage said...

Nice race. That Expert group was huge. Glad you only had tire issues on the pre-ride.

Thanks for the link!

Anonymous said...

It's always a good day on the bike if I can pass you. Thanks for letting me have a good day. I'm sure you'll get even at Cholla.

Derek said...

I tried the non UST tubeless experiement on the back and could never get it to work. I've moved to a 29er and UST tire selection is pretty limited. Is there a better chance of going non UST tubeless on a 29er?

MtbAllDay said...

I've been running exclusively non-UST tubeless on 29ers for over two years.

I've had fine success with Kenda Karmas and Stans tires both, but of course sidewall slices are more of a hazard than with UST because the sidewalls are thinner. This isn't specific to 29er. Same with 26er, although full-suspension helps and most people are not running FS on the 29er.

Rick Sunderlage said...

I run regular 29er tires (kenda Karmas & CrossMarks). They work great as a tubeless set up (Stans)as long as you don't pinball between rocks.