Friday, February 15, 2008


Yep, that there was my VDay present to my better half, she is in Vegas, with my sibling selling active wear at this show. They ate here last night and had some Klingon try and pick them up for like 20 minutes.

I went and ate at Slipstreams restaurant with my buddy Scott. After I tried, I repeat, Tried, to do 4 30 second power intervals on the trainer in the basement.

This evening BZ, Ty and I head to Southern Ut for 3 days of dirt, sleeping on floors and eating energy food.


rhypio said...

Pretty awesome wife you have there, I got my better half nada :) We are headed down to St George too, hopefully this time I can stay upright on the Rush!

Anonymous said...

must be rough. i'm headed into the office to build a production plan. rawk on.


BP said...

Sounds too good to be tru. Mid 60' Rich and I enjoyed a crisp 21 through Lehi late this afternoon but it was higher 20's back in Draper. 40 tomorrow for 4 is my plan. I have had a bunch of warmth this winter so I must keep my jealousy in check.