Monday, February 25, 2008

Just not right

wow my 'over the hill' moment turned into quite a comment generator, totally unexpected. Oh well, life goes on.

I got home from work and pondered 60 minutes on the trainer, well there were broken clouds outside and i determined to put on my knee warmers and cowboy up to ride outside, it was like 47 degrees, I was heading south on 20th east and it was spitting a bit of rain, nothing to worry about. I turned around at 45th south and started home, sun was brighter. Got to 33rd south and a beautiful rainbow was up on the foothills, about 1 minute past 33rd the deluge started, a bit of sleet followed by a downpour. I made it to 27th and house of bread, got a cup of joe and a slice of wheat bread and waited 10 minutes and it cleared up. Rode the puddles and runoff home. needless to say kneewarmers were not enough. The old REI neoprene gloves were good.

So with that in mind, i thought I would juxtapose Motorhead with;

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MtbAllDay said...

I just hope I live to be that old.