Saturday, February 09, 2008


Was gone from the house for something like 5.5 hours, but only got @ 3.5 ride time in, good times just the same. 
Rode down to the shop to meet Mike, Ohran and Yengin(?) at the shop for some south bound fun.  Made it there first Climb-Um and Sue where there shopping. Finally everyone shows up and we start to head out, but Mikey was havin some issues, seems like he was running one of these with one of these, no bueno, so we had to get a new cassette for him. Team shannifer showed up but we couldn't wait for Jen to check out her new ride.
We headed south to Draper, then on the frontage road (where we saw the Canyon/Procupine peloton, including Rico, heading north)over the point of the mountain, decided to climb traverse ridge/ suncrest, what ever you call it from the South side. I took it slow, MK rode with me, Ohran and Yengin raced it. 

this foto stolen
The spin up was good, i stopped at the store at the top for a big ole Cinnamon Roll, mmmmmm calories.  Ohran and Yengin  were putting on the arctic gear for the descent. The ride down the hill was, um chilly, but come on, not that cold, MK and I stopped at the shop, I hung out abit,

then headed home. @ 55 Miles and some good warm fun.


Team Rico said...

started the ride with my first double espresso, compliments of the caffiene pusher DH. Good day to be in the saddle

Jennie Wade said...

your blog makes me hungry.

Jennie Wade said...

thank god the weathers getting better so I can eat tons and ride it off:)