Thursday, February 28, 2008

Heading away from the sunset

Almost 10 years with these people, ups, downs, joy, anger, amazement, dismay. Tomorrow they all head one way, I head another, both directions full of uncertainty and open to boundless opportunity. Monday I will walk in the building and they won't, kind of strange really. Educational as well. I know that it will all be ok for those few of us remaining and those leaving, but just the same it is sad.

I rode outside after work for the 4th day in a row, very liberating and centering for my worrisome mind. Part the way up emmigration, a few 5 minute efforts to see where i am at, well they went well enough, but who knows.

Desert Rampage here we come.


UtRider said...

That's a sweet picture. If it was me the shadow would have a foot on the ground otherwise I'd probably find myself in the creek. Good luck at the Rampage. If you don't mind exposing your phone to all the champagne send me a text from the podium!

I am Matt said...

i have been there as well, if i understand what you mean about parting ways. my company has made many interesting and potentially devastating choices in the last year or so. my best co-working friend was let go with more than half of our workers base. some by choice some by management. push hard and do what makes you happy and better days will be around the corner.

Michael said...

I, too am feeling the anguish of separating from people I have been with 5 days a week for 19 years. On top of that is the stress of knowing those of us that have not been moved out are to be let go, eventually. All to try to drive up a stock price.

Oh, well, life goes on.