Monday, January 21, 2008

Sunday was still not so cold

So another 1.5 on the road on sunday. Good times, actually warmer than Saturday, yet Monday morning I wake up and it is nuking snow, crazy, made it to work and realized many would choose not to, oh well, lots to do anyways.

EatSleep I can tell you that  Saturdays ride consisted of 45 minutes above 180 watts average, was gong to try and hit 60 minutes, but then the ride gradually went Downhill, literally. Plus I am notorious in my winter effort to go extremely slow and not put out too many watts.

I will say that last weekends effort on Sunday. 5.5 hours I was likely at @ 140-150 watt average. My buddy has a pt on his mtb and we road most of the day together, but he weighs a bit less than me.

St George Friday after work for 2 days of fun in the sun.  EDIT: Well damn, forecasting rain and snow in South Utah as well as Vegas, so maybe a Moab trip instead? Dang, have to keep an eye on the weather this week for sure.

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Eat Sleep MTB said...

No need to explain. My power tap is only on my indoor trainer, so I was simply interested in what a ride outside would look like from someone similar in weight and power, or so I hope. :-)