Saturday, January 12, 2008

St Jorge Day 1 and 2

Made it down Friday around 1:30 or so, Jerry and I went out for about 2:45, old tortoise trail to Paradise, burned two laps at paradise then took road back to cars, drove over to church rocks and did a quick lap there with Kim C.

Indohran made it down and we went to dinner at Outback, mmm steak.

I decided to bag to 9 am camp Linda ride and instead rode with Jerry and Danny, 3.5 hours.

Zen trail, then down Bear Paw to Stucki, over to Barrel Roll and down towards race course, I was blown 1 hour in. I will ride with all the enduro freaks Sunday.

The New Scalpel is Rockin, still need to dial some things in.

The straight line down from ZEN is cause i accidentally turned the Garmin off.

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The Photos Below show the Bear Paw and Stucki trails from up top on the Zen trail

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