Saturday, January 26, 2008

Saturday in the SLC

Slept in, really in. like almost 11am in, nice, needed that for sure.
Lyna and I rode down to Ty's in Sandy and rode up toward the mouth of LCC, around and down and up from Dimple Dell and then back to Ty's where he went home, Lyna and I then stopped for some 7-11 snacks and spun home. 3 hours outside on a January weekend, overheated a few times. Very Nice.  Pilling called me about 10am or so, uh, I was still asleep. S Bo was out ridin when I called him to see when he was goin out, damn nurse wakes up too early.  Ty made me chase him up a short climb, really he did, my Power spiked at almost 1100, wow, ouch.

I have no idea how to show the axis numbers, dang I-MAC poweragent software.
The Church of the Big Ring is attracting lots of potential capri wearing fixies. Wonder what the Rev really thinks of that?

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Jennie Wade said...

did you ride down 2700 south.... I think I saw you guys and waved