Thursday, November 08, 2007

sit right back and I'll tell a tale

Well the craptop died, so no photos till we get back, but the trip has been great, swimming, hiking, sleeping, boogie boarding and sight seeing. Can't believe we have to return tomorrow night, but that is life. Having dinner with Newby and his wife Tash tonight. Sounds like the Heber race was fast, glad I wasn't there, cause flat+fast=off the back for bob. Next race for me will be post T-day, I hope it is muddy.


Anonymous said...

going to be at ut states this weekend?

StupidBike said...

Nope red eye home not back to slc till too late to race, for shame, not really

Jennie said...

you and Lyna should swing by my place on Saturday for pot luck. no need to bring food just yourselves. Welcome back to the smog factory.