Sunday, November 18, 2007

Climate Change

Is it happening: Yep
Why: I don't know
But it has been nice MTB weather.

Saturday was a planned 3 hours in Draper, Lyna hit mill creek solo. I went to draper and we ended up having about 10 of us, Dana H took us on a bushwhackin adventure around the south side of south mountain, after a climb up Clark's and down Jacobs ladder. We found our way around the south side and only had to dismount an hike down one scree field, but it was fun. Justin and I climbed up Clark's one more time

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Sunday I did a nice 2 hour shoreline loopy. Lyna headed up to round valley with the gals. Lots of people out there. One guy, I passed on a short climb right before the fence crossing, cause he could not hear me with his headphones, he then got right on my ass on the short DH, I then went up the climb to the fence and he dropped back, later on the newly bulldozed section he charged back on me and was on my ass till after the Red Butte stop sign, I let him past for his glory, What the hell, I was on a recovery spin, hr staying below 140 and some guy decides it is a race, I hate that, hope it made him feel good, bet he has a big old jacked up truck to. I stopped at the top of dry creek for a snack and meditated that lots of snow hits the canyons and none hits the valley.

Next 4 weekends will be CX fun, time to get on it again.


primetime formerly known as slyfox said...

i like the "brands you pimp"


MtbAllDay said...

So did you guys climb the super-steep quad-track up to the top of Suncrest then?

I didn't think anyone else ever went up that anymore.

Mother Theresa said...

Lyna climbed like a freight train on Sunday...."Oh, I'm so out of shape...I'll go slow." PHAAATTT!

MK said...

CX Bliss coming at you. Come up to PC and hit the stairs with me this week.