Monday, January 29, 2007

Southern Utah, Again

Headed down to Dixie early Friday, Chris and Kathy, Ty and Meg. We made it down in time for a oce 2 hour out and back on Stucki, Saturday we slept in, and Chris, Kathy and I met up with Fox and Sarah for a Goulds, Jem Hurricane rim loop. I hit the wall around 2:15 in so the last 45 minutes was a bit slow. Otherwise it was a great ride and as Fox says, I was ripping the DH. Well most of it.

Sunday we all went out and hit Gooseberry, a nice 2 hour joyride. So close to 7 hours in 3 days, sun, warmth and good friends, although those Sherwins need some Beano.

Awesome USA results at CX worlds. Wellens is a puss though. First he says

"The jersey went to the wrong person, he shouldn't have won it even though he's a teammate. He deserves to be on the podium but the other guys don't," Wellens said.

Now he is suing the organizers of the race and his team is lodging a complaint with the UCI.

Yep, I'm going to sue Ohran, cause the mud at UTCX #2 in Ogden kept me from winning, yep those guys in front of me didn't deserve to win, yep thats it. Victory by litigation, what a puss.

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