Monday, January 15, 2007

Coming out of the fog

First, thanks to Reed, I got a better format for the blog, K-Day, I will work with you for something more complex soon. Fox, i stole the pic from you, i tried using Bart's template for mine, and maybe it was cause i was sick, but man i fouled it up good.

I have been sicker than I can ever remember. Went to the Doc on Friday and found out it is Bronchitis, got a script, but she said not to fill it unless i did not feel progressively better over the weekend, which I have, still got a wicked cough though, absolutely no training going on during this time. Lots of TV, Mucinex, water and soup. Food has been a chore, I think I have by default hit some sort of Soup, juice fast, like all the other freaky cyclist diets people are trying out there. I may have stones, tapeworm, or a mile of crap built up in my system, but I gotta tell ya, food is good, cyclist need energy, if it works for you, great, I am not gonna even step into that world.

Team Revolution sponsors have all lined up for 2007, looks to be another break out year. The Elite team will contain some of the State and Countries fastest pro's, 3 pro men, 2 pro women, 1 semi pro and 4 of us 'Master' racers.

Hope everyone avoids the gack i got.


K Day said...

the new look is nice, hope you feel better.

UtRider said...

Revolution has the sweetest kit. Now your blog is looking good too. Nice work.