Sunday, January 21, 2007

Should I get a computrainer??

So, this weekend was kind of interesting. First, I felt human again and was able to hit the gym, boy am I sore, also I hit the trainer for some good hours.

Friday night I went to the Revolution/Wasatch Running Tri team fit event. BP, Toni, Kim and eventually Rich were there. I don't run, don't swim, but I was recruiting MTB'ers, not much luck, but Swatch is in. So Dave H was there, had a good time talking to him about racing, results and training. I have some interest in Training with Power, using power zones as apposed to HR zones. I have been reading this book and it has much power focus. Now the cost of this thing is kind of scary. The least amount of cash you can lay down for a useful power tool is around 1500. The Computrainer is a great tool, gives you lots of options and entertainment on a screen for you winter basement blues, but then when it gets warm out, you will want something for the training bike as well, that means another 1000 for a powertap hub. Getting expensive now. You could just get the power tap on the trainer but then you don't get the entertainment and such. Or maybe I should just stick with HR. Ah toys, they are fun.

Saturday night I went to the RMCC team meeting. They are being sponsored by Revolution this year, so I thought I would go make some connections, we are working out a swap of riders who crossover from road to mtb or mtb to road. should be good.

Probably heading to PC tonight for a screening of Klunkerz tonight. Maybe I will heckle GF.


UtRider said...

Disclaimer: I do not currently use a powermeter.

My 2 cents: I'd go with a wheelset you could both train & race on. A friend of mine really likes his Bontrager Race X-Lite Aero wheels built with the PowerTap SL rear hub. You could also do a cool custom build with Velocity, DT or Mavic rims. Even better would be to pick up a pair of Reynolds carbon clincher rims and build them up with the PowerTap SL rear hub.

Repack Rider said...

If you saw "Klunkerz," which I am in (and on the poster), you should also check out my website.