Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I never get sick...

Fateful words, uttered by moi last Thursday at a work lunch. I really rarely, if ever get sick, but Friday i started feeling a bit crappy and by Sunday I was full on hammered by something. Finally made it to work today but still in some sort of haze, It has been over 4 years since I have been hit this hard, sucks. No training happening while the body repairs itself. The fever broke, twice, yesterday. Luckily St. George is cold this weekend, so a training trip will be postponed till the next weekend.

4 days of doing nothing but watch tv and attempt to tell myself that i was healthy, drove me insane.

I was unable to eat well the whole time, mostly because i had no energy or wherewithal to make anything.

I am ready to get on with it though. Big hours coming up, i might even use that Solitude pass this weekend.

Fluids, lots and lots of fluids.

This morning i heard an awesome story on NPR, about Birmingham-Southern College. That is a sign that some people still believe in doing the right thing. They saved money, they had higher enrollment, they have more diversity and they have more sports, by saying no to the downward spiral that is D1 sports in modern America.

It is scary that cycling is put forth as a den of dopers when D! sports in America is full of thieves and liars. The same holds true with Pro sports in America. The dollar corrupts, those of us who participate as a passion for little or know monetary benefit are the last hope for the sporting life.

We have to start taking it back.

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