Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Guilt Sets in

Sunday night made it to PC for X-Dance's screening of Klunkerz. Met up with the Sherwin's, The Chad and his coworker. Took extra long to get to PC as there was a NASTY wreck on I-80. The documentary was pretty cool, lots of herbage smoked in those days, some local DH'ers I know would be psyched. In the small world of the WWW somehow Charlie Kelly found my blog and posted a comment, one of the originals, Marin County Repack'ers, pretty interesting. He 'promoted' the races, put up prozes (smokables) and helped create MTB racing as we know it, Charlie, it could use some help today, there are promoters out there ruining it, while there are promoters out there pushing it forward. USA Cycling has given too much power to a select group of promoters, whio in turn have too much influence on the sport. But I digress. Gary Fisher was at the show, full on Leather suit, ooh, that's gross. I mean, Leather? Come on. I think the rest of the guys, Breeze, Cunningham, Ritchey, etc.. would be wearing jeans and flannel, more my speed, Leather suit, nasty.

So onto the guilt. Monday night i hit the rainer for like an hour, easy spin, trying to get my legs unsore. Afterwards I watch absolutely the worst movie ever on pay per view and binge on Hot tamales, I have been so good about my Hot Tamale problem, I just had a moment of weekness. Then last night after Lyna and I beat ourselves into oblivion at the gym, I came home after a Noodles and Co. dinner and binged on a whole box of Fiddle Faddle.

Well maybe, just maybe my body is lacking in preservatives and sugar, so I have been binging on what I need, yeah, thats it.

Off the St. G this weekend for some ridin with Ty, Meg, Kathy and maybe Chris. Good times.

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Adam Lisonbee said...

We will be in St.G this weekend as well...where you gonna ride? Shoot me an email.