Monday, December 15, 2008

My last couple of posts have been Fox-Like boring.

So, in an attempt to liven things up...

I have been dreaming of surfing lately. I am way addicted to Kauai, in particular the North Shore. Something about the place further relaxes and soothes me beyond belief. I am trying, unsuccessfully, to figure out how to spend a whole lot more time there, keep my job and continue to train for mtb racing. I think maybe a couple hundred grand will do it. hmm, how to get the cash??

Every year, around this time, after hundreds of hours sent on the bike, more hours planning and traveling. More hours directing a large team and oh yeah, life in general, I wonder what the hell I do all of this for? Will I continue? What would of happened if I would of started racing at 23 instead of 33? and on and on.

I can't really answer all of the questions, but I do know a few things. I will continue to race. The years of training and racing I do have under my belt have proven to make me smarter, smarter training, smarter resting, smarter racing, smarter eating, smarter fun having. It all matters, mostly the fun.

Sunday I went up to the 'tude to ride the board. I rode the ski bus, which is always interesting. There was a guy on the bus, with new ski boots on, with the price tag and other tags still attached. He was telling a couple all about Utah skiing and his daughter kept asking him, have you skied there?, He said no to every ski resort. He then was telling the bis driver that he needed to be dropped off at the first Solitude entrance, and thought it might be helpful to give the driver directions.  I'm not judging, it was just entertaining.

Solitudes snow cover is very thin, I still found some non icy area and so soft snow off the sides, I tried out the new Apex and Moonbeam lifts, which are both bearable now in time and comfort. Still 2 new moonbeams in like 3 years, someone made a big mistake.  I like being on the mountain, I like riding in powder, but really, I just don't so much like snowboarding otherwise. I know the answer is likely to get a split board and do some self propulsion up some safer peaks, but 500-1000 bucks for a board, 300 bucks for a Pieps and them some, really cuts into my 2nd home in Hanalei fund. Then come January, I will be heading to St G or Vegasss for 3 day weekends of dirt and it won't matter again.

Good job to everyone at nationals. Ali, I know you were gracious in recounting your race to your son, but, I think it is a travesty that AJM races masters. The rules need to change, at least the same rules as Masters worlds (For short, no racey if you are in the top 200 in UCI points), It is just wrong. Same goes for the women. Ridiculous. That and I like how Tilford's category races on Friday so he can recover for Sunday. Pork Barrel promoting.

There is a real risk of cx peaking out, promoters and governing bodies need to tread lightly, move people up when it is right, keep it fun and don't let people take advantage of each other.

I bet those who race mostly on the road will not be as worried about this as those who race mostly on the MTB, because, masters MTB nationals is age categorized, but, you have to be and expert (now cat 1) If you have a pro license, sorry, you race pro. Field sizes will continue to go down at CX nationals unless this changes, just watch.  

They should also think about having ELite and Amateurs at different locations/times, so that the women and older men do not have to be all mixed together. Will it happen, well, again, if it does not, field sizes will shrink.

I'll be emailing USA cycling about this, but, they won't listen.


UtRider said...

Come up to Brighton on Wednesday for a few hours. I'll be there until noon or so.

Andy H. said...

You could float part time in Kauai. Become a winter caretaker of some rich dudes house in Princeville and telecommute. Plenty of slick jungle roads in the interior to train on your cross bike to keep up fitness and handling skills. I could be your SLC team errand boy for stuff you couldn't handle over email. Any team functions that would require an Iphone Mark could handle. It would take some sweet talking of the DWS bigwigs but Lyna could possibly telecommute from that distance as well. It could happen.

KanyonKris said...

Go to Kauai, live your dream!

(Can I crash with you guys if I come over?)

For the last few years I've been aching to get someplace tropical. I like the Hawaiian Islands. I am nearly obsessed with hiking the Kalalau trail and spending a day (or more) on Kalalau beach. And there are plenty of other things to do in Kauai.

Anonymous said...

"What would of happened if I would of started racing at 23 instead of 33?"

bob don't even think of this.

i started racing at age seven, by the time i was 17 i won nationals three times and had the knees of a 60 year old.

on and off from there with injurys and winning streaks.

right now comming off a six year injury break of no bike riding, running, hiking, nothing.
i feel fresh and new all over again, but paying the price of all that down time. we are all in the same boat coming from different ports.

like you said just have fun, go to an island, surf and smile that we have all this to enjoy. i envy you and your young knees.