Friday, December 12, 2008

CX Nationals Day 2

Tanner Cottle takes 18th in a stacked Junior race.

Kris Walker WINS the 45-49 Woman's Championship


fatmarc said...

post on cxmag and get a comment very small world.

Agreed there is room for change. But no UCI points at nationals will only result in a lot of guys who can race elites, coming to masters so they can race masters nationals.

we are picking up UCI races in our region ( midatlantic), I do like the master's worlds qualifications.

that would work nicely.


drrna said...

Kris totally crushed.

Throttle Sr. rode well despite getting knocked outside the barrier tape.

Course was extremely selective. When Throttle Jr. rode it was epic, thick mud. Brutal on the uphills and treacherous on the DH. When Daren and I raced at 3, it was tacky and fun. Sort of.