Monday, December 22, 2008

A Brief Literature search

Brought upon by this assault on Grape Shasta.

The author discusses the fact that when they spill diet coke, it is not sticky. Well, I'll take sticky over poison any day.

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It goes on, some say there is negligible effect others sy there is great risk and we all have poison in our life, but I quit drinking out of those old Nalgene bottles too. I never did buy stock in Sigg though. Plus Diet coke taste like crap. Mexi Coke is the answer. Leave the Shasta alone!!!

Last week at the Tuesday lunch ride lunch replacement Dug, Brad and I were discussing workplace issues. I mentioned our lack of HR, office management and reception. We all do a little bit of our own part, late last week the dishwasher was clean, the sink filling up and a few people were taking their donated dishes home in protest. I sent out a short email Friday am stating I had 5 bucks to whomever would unload the dishwasher and had independent verification. Presto, about 10 minutes later it was empty and no one ever claimed the 5 spot, maybe cause I took them all out to lunch for the holidays, wonder what I'll have to do next time.

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Eat Sleep MTB said...

I can always loose weight from drinking too much regular Coke, but brain damage lasts a life time.