Saturday, December 06, 2008

I didn't Come in last

But, I was the last guy who didn't race twice or have a mechanical.  The course was fun. The Hill was painful. It was way too warm fro December. Dr. Cross made me cry at the end of the race, even though he had 2 bike changes and had a team mate crash in front of him.

My HR was good during the race, just had no power. My mind was still at the beach

Lyna and Anna came down to watch.

Good to see all types off people out there trying it out. Kris,  Carl and others. Once again, the ghetto tubeless served me well.  Lots of flats today.  The Cannondale Quiver has been good to me this year.

Sunday looks to be some MTB time either on the Shoreline north or Draper. There is a shop road ride at 10am as well if you are interested.

Oh yeah, I made it through a full season of CX without getting lapped by the Caveman, small victories.


Jennie said...

nice job racing.. The tan looked great. I didn't come in last either, but if Meaghan hadn't raced earlier she would have finished ahead of me and then there were the B girls who race with the A's for an extra workout. I managed to come in ahead of them. So not last on paper, but in reality last.

drrna said...

The only guys I beat either raced an earlier race, had mechanicals, or spent the last two weeks at sea level, surfing. Oh, and I guess I beat Krafty who DNS'ed with a broken rib, so in in reality, last.

I think we all agree that it was hard nonetheless, so I'm giving us all a gold star.

MtbAllDay said...

I'm the real looser ... I just rode singletrack all day.