Monday, November 03, 2008

Yesterday, she was not so warm

Chilly, Rainy, Muddy, nice long course, made longer due to mud. Low turnout, but it was fun.
I bobbled some corners horribly on the first lap, lost the good Dr. and another rider. Then a bit later I could not get into the big ring on the A bike and the little ring is like a 36, so needles to say I was spun out. I switched to the B bike and then had a good battle with Jay to the finish. Crazy course, there were lots of corners without good lines, at least that I could find. Bart came by me on mayeb the last lap, at the start line, I tried to follow him into the whole shot single track and he was going so dang fast into the muddy ruts that I barely stayed upright. The thing is, that he barely stayed upright to.

photo stolen from TC


Anonymous said...

your cx racing looks like fun. makes me think about getting a mud bike too.

keep up the good racing.

Jride said...

didn't get to tell you good race, so..good race. I simply kept my head down in the pain cave with the goal of trying to keep you close and finish. See you Saturday.

Anonymous said...

Is that a smile or a grimace on your face?