Wednesday, November 05, 2008

My Brain hurts

No vitriolism or solipistism about anything, although I do feel hungover from yesterday.

No, my head hurts because as after dropping off my CX bike for a tune up, along with both of Kathy's (cause I am her sherpa) I hung out at the shop for a while and noticed a bike they were working on.

The bike was a 26" wheeled Litespeed Niota Ti. They were installing Rotor Elliptical Q Rings. The bike also had 650B wheels.

Really, my brain hurts


MtbAllDay said...

That's a funky bike.

I have rotor rings on my Caffeine. Used them last year on the Niner, too.

I like them.

Arleigh said...

Oh lala, photos?