Monday, November 24, 2008

Weekend Update

Sly says Pro- Racers need to update their blogs, then he mentions me, I'm flattered, really, but SO NOT PRO.

Anyhow, last week was a lesson in focus, or should I say lack of focus. I had not set training plans, but to try and ride outside, as the weather was sweet (green haze not withstanding).

Tuesday I showed up to the SLC Bike for BK's lunch ride. Dug, UT, SkiBike, BK and I, I was the only one with gears, yet I felt strangely superior. We climbed Shitty Creek and then bombed the sled. Good times, tacky trail, I am amazed that trails I have ridden thousands of times are new to people, glad to get people out there though.

Wednesday Night Lyna and I went and Saw Quantum of Solace with the Knapps and Scott. Entertaining.

Thursday I took a afternoon break and headed for my short Home-Zoo-Red Butte- Dry Creek and reverse ride. More good times.

Friday, Lyna and I went and got her a new cell phone. If any one needs a product tester, Lyna would be perfect. She can prove whether or not something hoilds up to Use. She goes through cheap, pretty, shiny phones in less than 12 months. This time we got her a heavyduty, shock proof phone made to be used in construction sites and the like. We will let motorola know in a few weeks.

Saturday was the state champeenships up at the Weber Crit, I mean Fairgrounds. The weather was warm and sunny. I was feeling indifferent, yet excited to ride my bike. It was awesome to see Pasternak take the 35+B win in a battle with Dave Cole. DC got the win in the 45+ group, by a large gap. Tanner just missed the win, but took silver in a talented and upgrade ready B flight.

I got a front line call up and proceeded to make MK mad, by feigning blocking him in, I gave him space just the same. I was repeating th e 'Keep a Wheel' mantra in my mind, had a good start and made it to the gravel in the front. Once int he gravel all hell broke loose and i just tried to stay on a wheel, I kept getting gapped on the straights, as I did not want to pop on the first lap. On the side walk before the turn into the horse track, I almost threw in the towel, but I kept going. Eventually on Lap 2 Racer, Linde, Fred and I came together. Fred disappeared and Linde dropped off, Racer and I worked together the rest of the race, having fun and taking relatively equal pulls. We caught up with SHannon and he latched on, never taking a pull because, to paraphrase ' I didn't want to cheat, since I was racign in another group' JERK.

Racer and my lap times were pretty consistent, the first lap was slightly the fasatest and the last lap was the 2nd fastest. Racer was eating my lunch ont he logs, stupid long legs. He got a small gap on me on the last time through and took me at the line.

It was a blast to have someone to race with for a change. A wheel to hold etc....

Sunday Lyna and I headed up to the Shoreline and saw about 35 billion people. crazy.

No pictures, boring.


Mother Theresa said...

I can almost hear the non eflections in your voice. Enjoy warm weather and water!

OilcanRacer said...

still sounds like bike riding/racing paradice. i predict heavy snow soon. enjoy it while you still can.

we should do a ride together sometime.

OilcanRacer said...

wait "paradice" or pradise?