Monday, September 01, 2008


Yep, that was my time back from the, winner of my 6 person category, whoopppeeee.

I made it almost all the way through a season without any mechanicals or DNF's. I had the same spare tube in my seat bag all season. No broken chains, no broken body, nothing. That is one heck of a streak.

They started the 35-39, 40-44, 45-49 group together, so we had a pack of @ 20 going up the road to heaven. I tucked myself in about mid pack and halfway up the pavement when the group split, I was with the front group. I dangled off on the dirt road climb, but I did not want to light any matches in the first 30 minutes of the race. I caught Racer on the Louder DH and we went up the sidney peaks road together working a bit together.  I could see the lead group less than a minute up. Up the steep single track racer was on my wheel and the lead group was still just a bit up the trail. We traversed at 10500 feet for awhile and came to the Dark Hollow descent, I was looking forward to this for some reason. I hit the first 2 switch backs just right and felt that would set the tone for the tech sections ahead.   Halfway down the first tech section I hit a rock straight to the rim of the rear tire. I kept going,  ripping it up, although I felt the rear getting soft. I pulled over in the meadow before the road descent and felt it, still about 2 pounds, I then stopped at the road and filled up a bit with CO2. I then hit the Road DH pretty fast and went into the technical One track with speed.  I passed 2 riders on the inside of 2 sketchy, tight switchbacks.  I made it halfway down the dark rocky section, once again I felt the tire going soft.   I stopped to top off the tire again and bent the valve core, so I then put the tube in, only to find its valve core bent. I got some air in the tube, but I was out.  I waited until Newby came by a few minutes later and he threw me a CO2. I filled up and was on my way.   Made it through the rest of the gnar and just onto the soon to be smooth one track when all the air left the tube. I was at this point about as far from the finish line as possible. I started walking, walked for 45 some odd minutes.  Where I was walking was a fast rolling one track descent, so people were going way too fast to even ask for a tube or air. Finally right before the scout camp, Monique saved me with a tube and a big air. I put like 50 pounds in the tire and took off to the finish. I figured I may as well finish the damn thing.  I bonked pretty hard about 2 miles from the finish, since I was out there an hour longer than expected. I got 6th.  Everybody was getting ready to send a search party for me.

My race plan was to keep the leaders in sight, DH fast, catch the leaders at scout camp and ride with them through mosquito lane and attack on the gravel road climbs to the finish. ALl was going to plan, until my rookie move of not filling my tires with stans the week before the race blew it all. Oh well. It was a good weekend any way. We expected armageddon weather for the race and got 60 degrees and sunny.

Carson won 35-39, Racer got 2nd, Newby 4th. Monique took 1st in women Expert women 30-39 and took 2nd in the series.  Erika had an awesome first Pro weekend.  Alex killed it for top 10, BZ did well more results can be found at  

Kathy and Chris stopped by the Parowan house on their way to vacation,  so we all headed to Cedar for dinner.

Bobby need sleepy.

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