Sunday, September 21, 2008


Thursday night was the first Doctor Cross Clinic at the park, 30 minutes of barriers, flubbing the re-mount with my normal stutter step. then a few laps around the park. Friday I was already sore from the run-up and barriers, hips, knees, shins and feet. Friday I did some 20 second efforts up emi and almost keeled over.

Saturday as the Canyons CX race. I was looking for a good CX workout and that is what I got. The course was about 1/2 mile long, with an evil double run-up that was the whole race. Since I can't do run-ups very well, after about 4 or 5 sub 2 minute laps, i gave up and soft pedalled, stopped and talked to people, took a 1 dollar Priem from the Husla and just had fun trying different lines. The official results had me dead last and 3 laps down, although I am quite sure I was dead last and about 8 laps down. I did win a sweet pair of Scott Usa uber pimp carbon road shoes, that fit Lyna perfectly. Good times.

This photo stolen from Flahute, I like it cause it actually looks like I'm trying.

The A category was small and would of been bigger if several who should of raced in it did. The B category was too big and too many people were in the wrong category.

Sorry, but true.

Sunday was the best, met Ty, Carl, Jen and Shannon at Guardsmans, road up puke hill, down the Crest (Carl took off down Mill D) Down to the canyons on Mid Mountain, Up Powerline and back to guardsmans. @25 miles, nice pace in about 2:45. The trail was buff, the air cool, the sky blue, the leaves are changing and the DH was a blast.

Up Powerline
We ran into Aaron Jordan on the spine, later Shannon mentioned something to me, hmmm.

It seems Team Porcupine-Specialized is actually becoming a Mtb-CX team, what with Rico, the Cottles, Chris B, Michelle H., Pietrzak, Caveman. Dave and Mike seem to be the only true roaders left, cept Dave races CX too.

That and Shannon says he always sees Aaron on the trail.



UtRider said...

I think it's time to ride your cross bike up Clark's. Oh, and don't forget to start and stop your watch so you can submit a time. Speaking of the Cottles, I wonder if you can beat Tanner. That kid can climb!

Jennie said...

you seemed to be having fun chatting with Kevin during the race. I love that picture.