Wednesday, March 19, 2008

spring? Mayhaps?

Anna Checking my work, Tuesday night

Well, good 3 days of riding after work, Monday the shoreline fromt he zoo to dry creek was drier than it was on Friday before the latest snow, Tuesday was early meeting day, logged off at noon and went out for 2.5 on the road, Cottonbottom to Porcupine across Wasatch and up a lot of emmigration, U0fU traverse then home, Today was a shoreline dry dirt explore. At the top of the Zoo climb, ran into Brad M and rode with him to his tuurn around point, Lyna rode up while we were conversing, then we ran into Superfly. Lyna and I then headed from teh mouth of dry creek through popperton park, west down 11th ave to City creek and climbed a few miles up the single track towards the radio towers, wow, dry as a bone, the switch backs back down to city creek were nice and tacky for the descent. mmm dirt.
Kathy, Saturday and Sunday are looking good, come on down, jealous???

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Brad Mullen said...

Thanks for the company. Looking forward to riding with you again.