Sunday, March 09, 2008

Nice Weekend

Friday was home from work early and an hours ride before i met up with Mark, Kris and Ed for an emigration assault. I did 3 5 minute intervals and felt pretty good.

Saturday I went to the gym and pumped iron and never got on the bike, as i was worried about rain, which never came. Also, i did not want to be tempted to ride out to RMR and get some good pavement burn.

Today i went out for 4 hours on the MTB, up and over Little mountain, by the way, the gate to Big mountain has snow right after it, it'll be a while. Then met Lyna at the zoo trail head (After i sampled some trail first) and we rode to the base of Dry Creek and back, trail is in good shape with only a few mud patches, The high road up above Red Butte is a mess, and best avoided.

Lyna and I split off at 13th south and I headed out for another 45-60 minutes. Nice ride and warm. Spring is a coming.

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KanyonKris said...

You were the man about town this weekend! Good riding with you Friday. And thanks for the trail reports.