Friday, January 29, 2010

Winter's not so bad

While others were doing the BK 'stimulus' plan, I was playing desk jockey, lamenting a future of hotel excercise bikes on the east coast and Asia. So I bailed from work a bit early, kitted up and headed to the Zoo trail head, the steep sections were rough early, needed to be a bit colder. Actually road some moist dirt. Good fun ride overall.

Tomorrow (1/30) at 11 at the Glenwild trailhead, 3 hours of riding, a bit of pavement, a bit of snowy onetrack and who knows what else. MTB's a must...

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Blackdog said...

I am riding the road bike to work. Just hoping I can finish before it gets dark and I need the wifey to come pick up my sorry arse. Should be boring.