Sunday, January 10, 2010

Our bikes are covered with a fine reddish dust,

Lyna and I just got back from 3 days in St. George. Our first trip there together in a few years, her injuries and jobs have kept her away. We had a blast. Friday was a quick hour on prospector after a leisurely SLC departure. We rode a small section of the Church Rocks loop as well before heading back to the car. Saturday we did Barrel Roll, Sidewinder out and back and much of the Rim trail systems, 2 hours of fun. Sunday we rode with the Hypio's doing a never before done by me Bear Claw/Stucki/Wash/Bear Claw lollipop. Good fun and smiles all around.

The sun was shining, temps were in the mid 50's, trails were in great shape and EMPTY. We Saw Chuck and Greggy G Sat and Sun, but very few others, Rico was down there, but never saw him, he blew us off on Sunday.

This winter/spring should be interesting for training. Travel for work is ramped up again, Philly in a week, Phillipines in Feb. Hotel exercise bikes here I come!!.

Signed up for the Whiskey 50 and the 12 Hours of Mesa Verde (Duo with Lyna) spreading our race experience wings this year, grass roots, out of state is where it is at.

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ER Dog said...

Thanks for the update. Carson and I are heading down in the am for a one day out and back to St George. I'll be seeing you at Mesa Verde, but where is the whiskey 50?