Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Speaking of Conspiracies

Driving home today, northbound I-15, just after the 33rd south on ramp and just be fore the I-80 EB off ramp, which by the way is always a clusterf***, I was in the right traffic lane, going about 60 mph waiting t get a chance to merge right while the countless masses were trying to merge from the lane I wanted in to the lane I was in, I was patient and found a spot safely, soon there after a 80's Ford Pick up pulled from behind, with both people in the cab giving me the bird with very visible anger.   I assume they felt i impeded their MERGE. So I waved Hello at them, they pulled up next to me and kept giving me the bird, so I flashed them a Peace Sign, no dice, this made them angrier, so I blew them a kiss, dang, what will work with these 2, well I continued on the off ramp to I-80 and noticed over the Jersey Barrier those 2 were still giving me the bird. Bet they vote for McCain.

Had fun Saturday at the Race For Everyone at Sundance. It was me and Racer and 4 Mad Doggers at the start, I held on for 3rd expert. 1st 40+ mostly due to Tim getting a flat. Good hard effort, fun DH and nice charity to boot. I won a set of Stans ZTR 355 rims in the silent auction if anyone wants to buy em from me, let me know. If not I will build up a wheel set for the 1993 KHS hardtail frame with gold anodized answer bar, purple stem and marzocchi xc 300 fork, sweet, so I don't have to blow kisses to anyone else on I-15 after work.


Utah Mnt biker said...

Maybe they were originally from Kentucky and recognized you?

Maybe not, an 80's Ford is too nice of a truck... :)

KanyonKris said...

There's just no pleasing some people. Well, you tried.

MtbAllDay said...

Did they puff their chests and spread their arms out?